Book design

We’re real foodies at AK creative so we love the chance to get our teeth into a cookery book. Spanish author and gastronomist Inés Ortega asked us to work together on a book aimed at teenagers and students just starting out in the kitchen.

We needed to create something relatable for a young market and came up with a journal style design with lots of  illustrations and doodles. Working to a budget, we also curated a selection of photos to be included with the recipes. 

The easy-to-read book with tips and simple but fun recipes proved successful with all ages and is currently in its second edition. 


Bienvenidos a la cocina (Welcome to the kitchen) 


Inés Ortega

What We Did

Book design and picture research

“Working with AK creative

has been a hugely

gratifying experience”

They brought creativity and vision to the books we’ve worked on together, which was something I was struggling with. As I’m quite impulsive, working with AK creative has been extremely grounding, allowing me to see the bigger picture with all my books and creating a recognisable brand.

It’s hard to find someone who complements your tastes and mindset, I’ve worked with other designers and had some less successful experiences. With Adele everything goes smoothly and the results are always amazing.

Inés Ortega – Gastronomist and author