Animated ebook design

Business coach Alison Bradford wanted something to offer potential clients that would explain a little about how she works and also help them think about their business goals.

We came up with the idea of an ebook that she could either send out by email or have as a download on her website – an instant marketing tool to grow her email list. 

Alison handed us a Word document with 6 tips on boosting profit and asked ‘Can you do something sexy with this’? We couldn’t wait to get stuck in. 

Creating illustrations and experimenting with animation, we converted a pretty dull Word document into a 16-page animated ebook using Alison’s existing brand colours and building on the style and palette.

At the end of the process, the business owner took away an animated epub version and an interactive pdf to use as she needed. And she grew her email list immediately as well.


Animated ebook design


Alison Bradford Coaching

What We Did

16-page ebook in pdf and epub formats with illustrations and animations

What’s the point in having great content if no-one bothers to read it? The design is key.

I wanted to have a report to give away to business owners, to give them straightforward and achievable actions to increase their profit. Coming up with the tips and the words was the easy part for me but design is definitely not my strongpoint, so I was left with a boring, uninspiring Word document. Hence turning to Adele at AK creative, who took my very basic Word document and made it visually inspiring and more enticing to read. Having something that looks great is key to getting people to read the report, and the way she has designed it makes the information a lot easier to absorb, and to take action.

Alison Bradford,