Brand refresh – Making Marketing Sense

Making Marketing Sense had been around for a few years before approaching us about refreshing their brand. They felt that the logo needed updating and no longer reflected what the business was offering. 

A brand refresh can be as simple as a change in font, a tweak to an image or a subtle change in colour. In the case of Making Marketing Sense, they were happy with their brand colours but wanted to explore other ideas for the typeface and logo.

Every branding project starts with a conversation about your business and your goals. Once we have a project outline, we give you a questionnaire to help us really get inside your business. We want to know about your current and future target markets, your vision for your brand, your ideas of how you’d like to be represented.

With all this information we can start to work with some ideas. For Making Marketing Sense, we presented four different options. They immediately loved one of them and after a few refinements, the logo was ready to go.

With a finalised logo, the next step was creating the collateral: business cards and social media profiles. The full process took around four weeks which is our general completion time for branding projects.


Brand refresh


Making Marketing Sense

What We Did

Logo refresh, business cards, social media profiles