Book design

With stacks of experience working on publications in the lifestyle sector, when we met entrepreneur and wellbeing expert Claire Arnott for the first time, we couldn’t have been more excited about bringing her idea of a book to life. With a manuscript already written, Claire needed editing and art direction services to take her story from a Word document to a high-end published book. 

From cover and interiors photoshoot to designing illustrations and patterns, to finding the perfect printer for the job, AK creative project managed the full process allowing the author to carry on building her business while we created the 200+page book.

Setting out timelines and coordinating deadlines we made sure that the book was delivered in time to fulfill pre-orders and once that was done, worked to promote the release of the book with the local press with prominent coverage in a range of media.


Happier, Healthier


Claire Arnott

What We Did

Book design, photoshoot art direction and production, editing, PR